Regional Well-Being Specialities

freshly and specifically prepared for you, using native herbs and regional products

Lavender foot peeling with herbal foot bath and subsequent foot massage

Dead skin cells are removed from the feet. Experience the scented secrets of herbs with divine bath oil in the herbal foot bath in a wooden tub. The relaxing foot peeling with garden lavender and subsequent massage boost the circulation.

30 min. 39,– €

Oberpfalz hay pack followed by gentle anointment of oil

Hay baths are renowned for their healing approach in the alleviation of joint pain, such as arthritis and rheumatism. What is more, they are stimulating for the circulation, and both detoxifying and purifying. We use hay from local Laberwiesen, freshly provided by farmers. Enjoy the effects of the delicate grasses, blossoms and herbs. This is followed by a gentle oiling of the whole body with a warm blend of hay seed oils.  

45 min. + 20 min. rest. 49,– €

Honey beauty wrap with goat buttercream

The cream wrap with natural and regional ingredients. With original Oberpfalz honey and goat buttercream. A metabolism enhancing, mineralising and hydrating body skin care treatment. 

30 min. + 20 min. rest. 49,– €

Apple cream wrap

This apple cream wrap is a veritable fountain of youth. First, enjoy a glass of naturally cloudy apple juice made from our own harvest of Hirschen garden apples. Apples significantly strengthen the immune system due to their high vitamin, mineral and pectin content. Then, lay back in the exceptionally enzymatic natural bath for a long-lasting invigoration of the senses to regenerate and replenish your body. 

30 min. + 20 min. rest. 49,– €

Rose & lavender peeling with subsequent back massage

If you no longer feel at home in your own skin, treat your body to this gentle peeling with rose petals and sea salt. Dead skin cells are gently removed, the metabolism is enhanced, and the skin is detoxified and purified. Then, relax with a back massage using nurturing homemade lavender oil.

60 min. + 20 min. rest. 69,- €

Honey scrub with subsequent back massage with ground linseeds

A full body peeling which boosts the metabolism in the most pleasurable way and refines the complexion. The honey originates from local Parsberg beekeepers. Your well-being is enhanced through the gentle back massage using warm elderflower oil.

40 min. + 20 min. rest. 49,– €