Enjoyment for all the senses

A total state of relaxation, followed by a rest period of approx. 30 minutes to avoid unnecessary strain on the circulation and to allow the body time to recuperate. Treat yourself to a cup of wellness tea from our tea bar.

Stone Massage

The La Stone therapy is a fascinating combination of massage, energy treatment and the beneficial effects of warm basalt and cool marble stones. Dipped in warm oil, they glide over your body and relieve even the most persistent knots of tension and areas of pain.

80 min. + 20 min. rest. 99,- €

Dorn stone therapy and massage

The Dorn stone therapy and massage is a holistic method for bringing the body, spirit and soul into harmony. It is suitable for those with back problems, headaches, joint misalignment, muscle tension and stress. It is a unique combination of correcting the spine and joints, combined with a massage and energy treatment using warm and cold stimulation.

120 min. 129,– €

Dorn stone massage classic

Massage with hot and cold stones, spinal correction.

60 min. + 20 min. rest. 79,– €

Gentle Dorn method (Spinal and joint correction)

The Dorn treatment is a holistic method and therefore aims to treat the whole being, not only the symptoms. It is predominantly a gentle way to treat spinal displacement and the misalignment of joints.

30 min. 49,– €

Head/Neck massage – Cerebral balance

This relaxing massage balances conditions of stress in the head-neck-shoulder areas. It is ideal for all types of stress-related head/neck pains, migraines and back pains.

40 min. 49,– €

Relaxation massage – using the massage oil of your choice

Aromatic indulgent massage from head to toe with the essential oil of your choice. Trust in your own preferred sense of smell and state of mind - decide what is right for you.

45 min. 59,– €
60 min. 69,– €

Aromatic partial massage for the hardest-working muscles of the back and shoulder area
30 min. 49,– €

Select the essential oil you wish to be pampered with:

  • Calming: Swiss pine, anti-bacterial massage oil blend
  • Relieve cramps and stimulate circulation: Head and neck massage oil blend
  • Harmonising and balancing: Elderflower massage oil blend
  • Regenerating: Peppermint and menthol freeze massage oil blend
  • Muscle relaxing: Lavender, camphor, St. John’s wort oil tension massage oil blend
  • Delicately sensory: Red rose with rose oil and argan oil massage oil blend
  • Stimulating / Relaxing: Ginger sensation massage oil blend
  • Detoxifying and purifying: Honey oil massage oil blend