With the massages you come to an absolute relaxation phase. A certain rest period of approx. 30 minutes afterwards is required in order to avoid unnecessary stress on the circulatory system and to give the body the necessary relaxation break. Treat yourself to a cup of wellness tea from our tea bar.

Soothing herbal foot bath, vitalizing lavender foot peeling, followed by a foot massage. Stimulating hand and arm massage, moisturizing goat butter cream pack for the whole body, revitalizing back and leg massage.

80 minutes   109,- Euro

This relaxing massage balances out tension in the head-neck-shoulder area. Ideal for stress-related head & neck pain, migraine and back pain.

40 minutes   59,- Euro

Relaxation and rest after sport and physical exhaustion. Back massage for 45 minutes followed by a heat pack of goat butter vitality balm. Warms, relaxes, loosens, supports regeneration and boosts blood circulation.

60 minutes & 20 minutes post rest   69,- Euro

from head to toe with the massage oil of your choice
50 minutes   69,- Euro

Back and shoulder massage with the massage oil of your choice
30 minutes   49,- Euro

Soothing: Massage oil mixture Swiss stone pine, antibacterial

Cramp-relieving and blood circulation-boosting: Massage oil mixture head & neck

Harmonizing and balancing: Massage oil mixture elderflower

Regenerating: Massage oil mixture Freeze with peppermint & menthol

Loosening up for the muscles: Massage oil mixture Tension with lavender & camphor

Sensually light: Massage oil mixture Red Roses with rose oil & argan oil

Stimulating and relaxing: Sensation massage oil blend with ginger

Detoxifying and purifying: Massage oil mixture with honey oil

Further massage highlights