Massage treatments

Enjoyment with all of your senses

During the massages and the treatments on the floating bed you can immerse into absolute relaxation. In order for your body to relax from the treatment and not to overstress your circulation, you will need a 30 minutes rest time afterwards. Therefore, please treat yourself to a cup of wellness tea from our tea bar. Deep relaxation with the help of far eastern massages. Let go and return to your natural balance.

Stone Massage

The La Stone Therapy is a fascinating combination of massage, energy treatment and the soothing effects of warm basalt and cool marble stones. The stones will be dipped into warm oil an will then glide smoothly over the body while dissolving even persistent tensions and healing painful areas.

80 minutes € 98,00

Dorn-Stone therapy and masssage

The Dorn-Stone Therapy and massage is an integral method of harmonizing body, spirit and soul. It is most suitable for people with spinal and back disorders, pains in the head, malpositions, muscle tenseness and stress. It is a unique combination method for balancing the spine and joints by applying massages and energy work as well as cold and warm stimulations.

120 Min. 119– €

Dorn-Stone massage classic

Massage with hot and cold stones, spinal corrections

45 Min. 59,– €

60 Min. 79,– €

Gentle Dorn Method by Dr. Dorn

for the spine and the joints.

The Dorn Method is an integral treatment that will always try to help and heal the patient as a whole and will not just focus on the symptoms. This therapy will help to relax the vertebrae and its joints and will support the gentle redirection of slipped or shifted vertebrae using a method created by Dr. Dieter Dorn.

30 Min. 49,– €

Head-& Neckmassage - Get back into balance

This stress releasing massage is most sutable for people with tension in the head-neck-shoulder area. Ideal for headecks, neck- or backpain of all kinds.

40 Min. 49,– €

Relaxation massages - with your choice of oil

Aroma full-body massage from head to toe with a relaxing oil of your choise. Trust your nose and instincts to choose what's best for you!

40 Min. 49,– €
60 Min. 69,– €

for the most tensed areas, such as the back and shoulders

25 Min. 35,– €

Your hand selected choise of special massage oils:

  • Encouraging : Massage oil with lemon grass
  • Stimulating the bloodflow : Massage oil with rosemary
  • To find your balance and calm down : Massage oil with rose geranium and vanilla
  • Anti stress for men : Massage oil with lavender and tulipwood
  • Vitalization for Muscle and jointpain : Massage oil with amber