Massage highlights

Drop everything and rediscover the centre of your being

LOMI LOMI massage – The best antidote to stress

Hawaiian massage

Lomi-Lomi-Nui is a Hawaiian full body massage which comprises the elements of massage, dance and energy. It has been the tradition in Hawaii to give the gift of the LomiLomi massage as a “gift from the heart” on special occasions. The LomiLomi massage flows rhythmically like a wave over the whole body and washes away cares, burdens and anxieties. The special lower arm technique and extensive flowing movements using warm oil make the Lomi massage an unforgettable experience.

80 min. + 20 min rest. 99,– €
120 min + 20 min rest. 129,– €

Herbal compress massage

Absolute deep relaxation from the power of herbs

Using sage, mallow, woodruff, calendula, peppermint, rosemary, juniper, thyme.
This massage originated in Asia. Heated herbal compresses are used to gently raise the body temperature. This massage stimulates the energy points of the body and activates positive energy whilst also cleansing the body of negative energy. For tension, anxieties, sleep disturbances. 

60 min. + 20 min. rest. 89,– €


Soap lather massage & back massage

The body is cleansed, circulation is stimulated, and the skin radiates freshness. Find your natural balance and leave the cares of the day behind you. Then, enjoy a massage of the hardest working muscles in the back and shoulder area.

50 min. + 20 min. rest. 59,– €

Foot reflexology massage

Activates self-healing powers

Using reflexology therapy, blockages, irritations and knots in the muscles and the inner organs are targeted, stimulated and relaxed. Find you natural balance and boost your immune system.

60 min. + 20 min. rest. 59,– €

Back fit package

Relaxation and recovery after sport and physical exertions  

45-minute back massage with subsequent warming wrap with goat butter vital balsam. Warms, relaxes, eases and supports regeneration and boosts circulation.

60 min. + 20 min. rest. 69,– €