The seven Pillars - Our wellness strategy

The Seven Pillars – Leave the stress of your daily life behind and immerse yourself in a wellness experience for body and spirit. Take pleasure in the wonderful treasures of nature, native herbs, products from the garden and the region, freshly prepared for you. Indulge in Hirschen natural beauty products.


Pillar 1 Beauty – Find your inner balance

Wellness should get under your skin - literally.The Hirschen beauty credo: Tranquillity and relaxation bring out your inner beauty. The treatment program includes gentle organic peelings (using regional products, such as hay from the Laberwiesen, apples, honey, linden blossoms, rose, lavender and elderflowers) for the body, for the face, for a fresh complexion, right through to in-depth manicures and pedicures.


Pillar 2 Harmony – The unison of body and soul

True beauty comes from within.In our hectic world it is not simple to maintain your inner balance. The body and soul go hand in hand, yet they are not always in harmony with each other. Our body benefits the most when we do nothing: The body needs rest periods in order to draw on its inner strength, to cleanse itself and to strengthen the immune system. This can be done through a foot reflexology massage, a soap lather massage, a full body aroma massage, a Panthai treatment with oil and heated herbal compresses or a LomiLomi massage.


Pillar 3 Vitality – Increased energy levels through fitness

Regular exercise is vital for the circulation, as well as for mental fitness.Gentle physical training in a refreshing atmosphere is prescribed: Cardio fitness, Nordic walking, cycling in the Oberpfalz Jura countryside or golfing at Jura Golfdorado with 7 golf courses in the surrounding vicinity. Our hotel reception can organise the loan of Nordic walking sticks and touring bikes or E-mountain bikes.


Pillar 4 Water – The source of all life

Romantik Wellness – The source of a positive life-force.Gather your strength from the source of well-being. We have a wide range of options to partake in the soothing effects of water: Regenerate in the indoor pool with countless massage jets, in the steam bath, or in the classic sauna with Kneipp facilities. Relax in a state of weightlessness in the floating water bed or in the whirlpool – bathing experiences with a difference.


Pillar 5 Deep relaxation – Immerse yourself

in the flow of Chi and rediscover the centre of your being.Acupuncture treatments from Dr. med. M. Kaiser are recommended for all types of allergies, chronic illnesses, musculoskeletal constraints and just simply to strengthen your fitness and well-being.


Pillar 6 Nature – Experiences in nature

Outdoor activities and experiences in nature are essential sources of inspiration.Your well-being is enhanced by the qualities of the Oberpfalz Jura landscape with wild juniper slopes in the Labertal and rugged rock formations. The character of the surrounding landscapes and region determine the colour, material and furnishings of our wellness facilities. There is a strong emphasis on the use of natural materials in the interior décor, such as Sollnhofer natural stone, natural wood, natural fabrics, plenty of natural light and a supply of fresh air. The regional well-being specialities also take centre stage in our body treatments: honey scrub, apple peeling, apple cream bath, propolis foot peeling, hay bath, elderflower oil massage, linden blossom peeling,…


Pillar 7 Healthy eating – Pleasure

Physical well-being by means of a sensible, balanced diet.
A healthy, balanced diet plays a vital role in physical well-being. Natural, unprocessed, regional resources, freshly prepared in the Hirschen kitchen with an absolute minimum of additives, that is the basis of the quality vision of the Romantik Hotel Hirschen.