lather massage & back massage
The rain comes from above. The body is cleaned and peeled, the blood circulation is stimulated and the skin shines in new freshness. This is followed by a massage of the most stressed back and shoulder area.

60 minutes & 20 minutes post rest   79,- Euro

A whole body peeling with crushed linseed, stimulates the metabolism and refines the skin texture. The honey comes from regional Parsberg beekeeping. Followed by a gentle back massage with warm elderflower oil.

60 minutes & 20 minutes post rest   79,- Euro

This stimulating lather massage will get your metabolism going. Afterwards you will get a velvety soft skin due to caring oils. This is followed by an energising head and face massage with moisturising and skin-soothing goat butter cream.

50 minutes & 20 minutes post rest 69,- Euro

Peeling with back massage. The gentle peeling with wild herbs and sea salt for the whole body has a metabolism stimulating effect, the skin detoxifies and purifies. A back massage with nourishing lavender oil follows.

50 minutes & 20 minutes post rest   69,- Euro

Absolute deep relaxation with all the power of herbs With sage, hibiscus, woodruff, marigold, peppermint, rosemary, juniper, thyme. During this massage the energy points of the body are stimulated and positive energy is activated, at the same time negative energy is drained. For tensions, inner restlessness, sleep disorders.

60 minutes & 20 minutes post rest   89,- Euro

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