Facial treatments

Salin de BIOSEL

BIOSEL combines Asian energy teachings with Western phytotherapy. Each product is distinguished by a biosequentielle formula of the roots, bark, leaves and blossoms of various medicinal plants. To help balance the skin’s complexion, each BIOSEL product has its own specific energy identity relating to its active ingredient: yin or yang or neutral.

All BIOSEL facial treatments contain yin-yang regulating micro massages to fill the skin’s energy reserves.

BIOSEL does not use any parabens, propylene, glycol, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oils, paraffin, synthetic colorants or ingredients of animal origin. BIOSEL does not test on animals or genetically modified organisms.


BIOSEL – The power of plants – 5 Function Facial Treatment

The following BIOSEL facial treatments target 5 functions of the skin. All treatments comprise a deep cleansing of the skin, a plant-based peeling, and ampoules and masks specifically customised to your skin type and made from natural plant extracts. Special yin-yang regulating massage techniques support the effectiveness of the products.


Biosel Cleansing - Skin protection

Quickly alleviates the skin-irritating effects of the outdoor environment. Provides the skin with the necessary energy and moisture to rebuild defences and protective layers. Includes relaxing neck and décolleté massage.  

incl. eyebrow styling     90 min. 99,– €

Biosel smoothness yin – Couperose & redness

Reduces surpluses of yang, stimulates the 3 cycles (energy, blood, lymph), releases blockages in the vessels. The skin is smoothed and refreshed. Includes relaxing neck and décolleté massage.

incl. eyebrow styling     90 min. 99,– €

Biosel Anti-aging contoures - Face and eye area

Intensive BIOSEL facial treatment for mature skin. First, relax with a warming foot bath. During the facial treatment you receive a soothing hand and foot treatment (harmonising salt peeling and massage). Invigorating and revitalising, restores energy and elasticity to the tissues. Stimulates the 3 cycles (energy, blood, lymph), improves regeneration and elasticity of the tissues. Destresses, relaxes and smooths wrinkles, firms and radiates the skin.

incl. eyebrow styling     120 min. 124,– €

Biosel Anti stress – Well-being – Short treatment

BIOSEL introductory offer: Ampoules and masks, specially customised to your skin type, pamper your skin and improve the complexion. Special massage techniques support the effectiveness of the products. Releases stresses and tensions in the skin, improves the complexion of the skin.

60 min. 79,– €

Facial treatment extras

Eyebrow or eyelash tinting
12,– €

Eyebrow plucking
12,- €