Cream pack of local herbs, metabolism stimulating, mineralizing and hydrating, soothing back massage with massage oil mixture Swiss stone pine followed.

60 minutes & 20 minutes post rest   79,- Euro

Holistic treatment of the nails and feet by using special cutters with cornea removal. With extensive foot massage and active ingredient care.

60 minutes   69,- Euro

With a system file set the nails are shortened and gently shaped. Extensive hand massage. As active substance care a hand protection cream of the goat butter.

45 minutes   45,- Euro

Facial care - all natural, BIO natural cosmetics, mild cleansing of face and neck. As a tonic the invigorating refreshment of witch hazel, gentle peeling with calendula, facial massage, Intensive Vital Serum with tissue-strengthening ivy extract Day care as a finish.

50 minutes   69,- Euro

Facial care with Organic natural cosmetics, mild cleansing of face, neck and décolleté, a gentle peeling, vitalizing linseed oil mask, hand massage with massage of the energy points, facial massage of the finest quality with jojoba oil, intensive Vital Serum with skin-tightening cress extract and in between the invigorating refreshment of GartenSPA rose water, day care to round off.

70 minutes   79,- Euro

Intensive care for the skin. A special mixture of high-quality oils and creams provides your skin with intensive care. Organic evening primrose oil, which also shows the best effect on neurodermatitis, is the most valuable component of this body pack.

30 minutes & 20 minutes post rest   55,- Euro

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