Beauty treatments for Him and Her, Paraben-free

Soap lather and energy with head massage

This stimulating soap lather massage kick-starts your metabolism. Nourishing oils lavish your skin with a silky texture. Then, enjoy an invigorating head and face massage with moisture-rich and skin-soothing goat butter cream.

60 min. + 20 min. rest. 69,– €

Evening primrose oil cream wrap – Intensive care for your skin

A special blend of high-quality oils and creams lavishes your skin with intense nourishment (organic). Evening primrose oil, which is most effective for neurodermatitis, is the most valuable component of this body wrap.

30 min. + 20 min rest. 55,– €


Holistic treatment of nails and feet using special scraper to remove calluses.Includes thorough foot massage and active care ingredients.

60 min. 49,– €


Nails are cut and gently shaped using a system filing set. Thorough hand massage. The active care ingredient is a hand protection cream made from goat butter.

45 min. 45,– €

Facial Treatment - Totally Natural - Paraben-free

Facial treatment – totally natural, beauty treatment with rose, linseeds, cress, goat butter 

  • Mild facial, neck and décolleté cleansing
  • Gentle peeling with beeswax, pathenol, vitamin E, rose
  • Revitalising linseed oil mask
  • Hand massage with energy point massage
  • Finest facial massage with jojoba oil
  • Intensive vital serum with skin firming extract from cress
  • and intermittent refreshment from Hirschen Garden Wellness rosewater
  • Finally, daily skin care (a blend of argan oil, olive oil, vitamin A and E, goat butter)

70 min. 79,– €
Surcharge for facial skin deep cleansing 15 min. 15,– €

For Men - Facial Treatment - Paraben-free

Facial treatment – totally natural, treatment with witch hazel, ivy, goat butter

  • Mild facial and neck cleansing
  • Revitalising witch hazel tonic 
  • Gentle calendula peeling
  • Finest facial massage with goat butter and argan oil
  • Intensive vital serum with tissue firming ivy extract
  • Finally, goat butter daily skin care Q10

60 min. 69,– €
Surcharge for facial skin deep cleansing  15 min. 15,– €