Regional quality

Quality is our main priority - and you can taste the difference.

Whether its our beer called Blobb or our meat and sausage specialities from our inhouse butchery. The Hirschen kitchen wit regional roots it tastefull, fresh an honest. You can taste the difference!

Our main suppliers

All made in-house and available to buy in our shop at Romantik Hotel Hirschen

Fresh fish from Schneemühl´
Hans-Heinrich Grasse

Venison from local hunting grounds in the Parsberg and Hohenfels forests
Hunters from local forests who have been providing us with venison for centuries

Fresh poultry
Heiselbetz Klaus

Fresh lamb from the Donaumoos
Schäferei Familie Haas

Vegetables from the vegetable growers of the Knoblauchsland
Peter und Karin Link

Honey from Parsberg beekeepers
Josef Albrecht

Eggs from the Oberpfalz
Frisch-Ei-Dienst Klaus Simon

Fresh Abensberg asparagus
Spargelhof Blümel

Cheese from the organic Hofkäserei Wohlfahrt
Naturlandhof Harald Wohlfahrt

Wine from sunny south Germany
Privat-Weingut Schmitt 
Weingut zur Schwane
Weingut Friedrich Becker

Schnäpse & Edelbrände aus Süddeutschland
Alte Hausbrennerei Penninger

Biere von Regionalbrauereien
Winkler Bräu
Weißbierbrauerei Schneider 
Riedenburger Brauhaus Ökobrauerei

The secrets of the old Upper Palatinate butchery

The secret that is implemented in all of our meat and sausage products - the Upper Palatinate way of life - Fresh pork and beef directly from farmers around the area, traditionally prepared. All ingredients are mixed by old receipts : Salt, spices, vinegar, smoke and seasoning.