Make your favorite person happy this Valentine's Day. ♥

Root & Berry
Marinated salsify and Franconian purslane,
lightly smoked veal ham with pickled cranberries


Creamy potato soup
with gray poppy seed butter and roasted apple bread


Pink roasted fillet of beef
with slate truffle sauce, winter oven vegetables
and celery puree


Chocolate cake
with cinnamon flower mascarpone and raspberries

Menu price incl. 1 bottle of sparkling wine
75,- Euro per person

- G O O D  T O  K N O W -
You have the opportunity to order the Valentine‘s menu until Saturday, February 13
14.00 by phone or mail. We ask that you reserve a time for pick-up in order
to comply with all COVID-19 measures.
Pick up on Sunday, February 14 between 17.00 to 19.00 clock.