Culinary delights

Whether your are planning a family celebration, a banquet or just a simple party: at the Hirschen Hotels you will find the suitable room for your party with all the necessary details.

The Bavarians know how to celebrate and this is why our team will organize your party according to our overall motto "Bavarian life style and art". Your guests will enjoy and taste it.

Eat what is to your liking and what you want

No renouncement, especially when it comes to flavour. The active one ist allowed to treat him- or herself.

Healthy means balanced, natural and authentic. Godd food makes you happy and therefore more healthy

With your beloved ones

All together at one table - grandma&grandpa, kids and grandchildren. Get together and threat yourself to something nice. Time to talk without all the common effort at home.

With friends

Catch up with friends, celebrate together. Enjoy "Tappas" at the Hirschenblobb-Bistro or some bavarian "Haxen" in a typical bavarian hut. Its always nicer together. Spend some time with your friends!

Everything at the proper time

Anticipation is the best joy. Our Menue, tailored to the all the different seasons. Asperagous, mushrooms, venison. All but booring. Fantastic products, cooked with love and care. That how culinary delights arise

brewing art, inhouse butcher - The Upper Palatinate on the plate

Inhouse beer - our "Blobb", meat and sausage specialities from our butchery. The Hirschen kitchen with regional roots is tasteful, fresh and honest. Many of the old Upper Palatinate receipts have been reinterpretated into our time

More important than a organic seal

From the region, for the region. This is more important to us than a organic seal. We know our supplieres and have a close link to them. Products made with enthusiasm. Its a joy to listen to them talk about there own products. Only but into product what is necessary. This is organic and sustainable.

The Celebration

There are special days - these day need a banquet. Whether its a wedding, birthday or an anniversary - there are many reasons to celebrate. You determine the coditions, we do the rest. The Hirschen area provides the location.

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