Sporty activities

At an approximate height of 12 meters, you will overcome various obstacles and master interesting exercises, supported by experienced trainers and according to the highest security standards. The level of difficulty complies with the age and requirement of the clients. Thus, the course for three year old children will of course be easier than the one for adults or teenagers.

Enjoy skiing all year round - especially in summer! The Monte Kaolino is the only sand skiing slope that has its own dune based pool. This is the perfect location for enthusiastic skiers and "go-ahead" sportsmen.

You are fascinated by golf and are looking for an uncomplicated orientation course? We can help you to find the most suitable offer in the area of Nuremberg and Regensburg!

If you reserve your golf course through our hotel and at an early stage you will receive the indicated green fee discount or a voucher for the following golf courses:

  • Golf Club Hilzhofen e.V. (voucher)
  • Jura Golf Akademie (voucher)
  • Golf Club Am Habsberg (voucher)
  • Golf Club Lauterhofen e.V., 20% discount (for course on week days)
  • Golf Club Sinzing am Minoritenhof e.V., 20% discount
  • Golf- und Landclub Schmidmühlen, 20 % discount
  • Golf Club Herrnhof e.V., 15 % discount
  • Golf- and Landclub Schmidmühlen, 20 % discount
  • Golf Club Herrnhof e.V., 15 % discount

You can rent E-Mountainbikes and touring bikes.  Explore our beautiful Jura region on two wheels.

Of course you can get maps and back packs for rent from us for your tours.

If you wish, we can also arrange your packed lunch (9.50 € per person).

Waves ( almost ) like your are at the sea

Parsberg leisure highlight for keen swimmers. The Wave Pool Jura-Mare. Four pools with 3000 m² Waterarea.

  • 50m- swimming pool
  • Diving pool
  • Kids pool
  • Waterslides for kids
  • hugewave pool with waves up to two meters

Big greenland area and kiosk are avaibalble as well

Wellen-Freibad Jura Mare Parsberg