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Parsberg is the perfect starting point for your city tour to Nürnberg and/or Regensburg


From Parsberg to Nürnberg using the "dayticket plus"

Up to 6 people ( max 2 people over 18 years )

  • Tipp: Tickets stamped on saturday are valid on sunday as well

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von Parsberg nach Regensburg bequem z. B. mit dem Tagesticket From Parsberg to Regensburg using e.g. the dayticket

The day-ticket is valid from Monday to friday without time limitation for 1 Person for as many rides as you want. The ticket is transferable to someone else

From 9am you can use the "day-ticket +" for Zones 1-2 and 4-7 for up to 2 people with "day-ticket s" for zones 1-7 up to 5 people.

The "day-ticket +5" is valid for saturaday sunday and holidays for up to 5 people for the whole day, as long as you like.

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