Do you know the Region of Oberpfalz?

Our identity originates from our regional Bavarian traditions. Everything that's characteristic for our region - between Regensburg and Nuremberg - and its people shapes our image and understanding of excellent hospitality. We have been successful in combining both - the traditional Bavarian life style and innovative and up-to-date modernity - in our hotels.

The Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal is one of the most exciting destinations for the whole family and all those who are interested in the development of our planet and want to experience it up close. Here you will hike along an approx. 1.5 kilometer long forest path through 400 million years of the earth's history. You will encounter over 70 lifelike replicas of dinosaurs and other primeval animals, some of which are so large that they reach the tops of the trees.

The highlight of the museum is "Dracula", probably the largest and heaviest pterosaurus ever found, as well as the geologically oldest original fossil of the archaeopteryx.

Experience the historic city of Amberg, which is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Medieval charm meets aerial art place.

Not only now and today the old town of Amberg has interesting and worth knowing as well as special and curious things to offer. Also in the past, the city has always convinced with its diversity and charm. The Amberg City Museum invites you to follow these interesting traces.

Another sight is the pilgrimage church Maria Hilf and the Franciscan monastery. For a jump into the water, visit the Kurfürstenbad Amberg. Equipped with seven pools, the Kurfürstenbad offers everything to do with water sports.

On 1200 sqm, the Parsberg castle museum presents the lives of people from the area around Neumarkt, Parsberg and Regensburg throughout the centuries. The exhibition focuses on three main aspects and also offers a high extent of museum education.

In a high position dominating the surrounding landscape, the Walhalla rises above the Danube near Regensburg. This classicistic building in the form of a temple surrounded by columns was built here by order of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. (reigned 1825-1848) one of the most important German national monuments of the 19th century.

The temple, which is clad inside and out with precious marble, rises above the massive stepped substructure. It was originally intended to house the so-called Hall of Expectation with busts of the persons to be honored in the future. Inside, the busts and commemorative plaques of the "Walhallagenossen" selected by Ludwig I and his advisors are lined up along the walls, a compilation of the rulers, commanders, scientists and artists considered exemplary in the 19th century.

All hot air? Not in the first and so far only air museum in Amberg. Because here the inconspicuous but vital element becomes visible and even a museum object. From the plastic bag organ and the flying carpet to the air shower and the autumn storm behind glass - in the air museum you can hear, see, experience and understand air.

The Important European Golf Museum in Regensburg is the pilgrimage place of the golfers, "the Mecca of golf enthusiasts". In medieval cellar vaults it presents one of the most important golf historical collections. In a display case, club heads more than 400 years old, as well as old Delft tiles from the 17th and 18th century, which are decorated with golf motifs. Morris woods and iron clubs, as well as brass putters from the period 1780-1930, stand in leather bags. Rare golf posters and antique graphics of St. Andrews and other noble places from the time of the "Golden Twenties" and valuable sculptures made of bronze and ivory bear witness to the splendor of this epoch.

Experience the incomparable phenomenon "nature" at close quarters in the Höllohe Game Park

Locals and guests experience numerous wild animals in the Höllohe at close range, deer, mouflon and stag know this already and present themselves as perfect hosts anything but shy. Dwarf goats, sheep, hares and guinea pigs can be observed as well as pheasants, storks, peacocks, barn owls, canaries, zebra finches and many more.

The game and leisure park Höllohe is open every day until nightfall free of charge.

The cave in Velburg was discovered on 30 September 1895. Another part of the cave, the so-called Advent Hall, was discovered by two young explorers on December 23, 1972, almost 77 years later. The cave interior can be reached via a long stairway with about 50 steps. The cave is up to 70 meters deep, the distance in the stalactite cave is about 270 meters. In the King Otto Stalactite Cave the visitor can admire many impressive stalagnates - with stalagmites and fused stalactites. Also beautiful sinter pools are preserved.

The nature reserve "Weltenburger Enge" with the impressive Danube breakthrough.

In 2020 it was awarded the title of "First National Natural Monument in Bavaria". Experience the Danube breakthrough from the water - relaxed on board of an excursion boat or on a boat hiking tour. If you prefer solid ground under your feet, you can also explore the unique nature reserve on foot or by bike.

Afterwards it is worthwhile to visit the beautiful beer garden of the Weltenburg Monastery:
Since time immemorial, the monasteries have been used to entertain guests - pilgrims, craftsmen, visitors (in Weltenburg also fishermen and skippers). However, the first concession for a public house in Weltenburg was not applied for until 1826 in the then secularized monastery.

The nature reserve "Weltenburger Enge" with the impressive Danube breakthrough. In 2020, it was awarded the title of "Bavaria's First National Natural Monument". Experience the Danube breakthrough from the water - relaxed on board of an excursion boat or on a boat tour. If you prefer solid ground under your feet, you can also explore the unique nature reserve on foot or by bike.

Maybach vehicles rank among the valuables of the automobile history. About 1800 specimens of these vehicles - with their majestical charisma - were produced between 1920 and 1941 in Friedrichshafen near Lake Constance. Only 160 Maybach vehicles, however, have survived!

Our falconry team makes it possible for you to experience the free-flying birds of prey up close. You will also learn a lot of interesting facts about the high art of falconry and the characteristic features and abilities of the individual species.

Before that a stop is worthwhile:

At the idyllically situated bathing lake St. Agatha in the district of Haidhof, cooling off and bathing fun is guaranteed on hot summer days. During the season the lake is supervised by the water rescue service. Wonderful sunbathing lawns invite you to linger. A large parking lot is available (at weekends a fee is charged).

Right next to the idyllically situated bathing lake St. Agatha you will also find the "AltmühlBob", one of the most modern summer toboggan runs worldwide. With its new system it guarantees unforgettable tobogganing fun in partly airy heights on a length of more than 1000 m. The comfort sledges run on stainless steel tubes, track-guided, completely safe and noiseless. The passenger can determine the speed himself.

This beautiful and ancient town - in olden times the prosperous and powerful trading metropolitan as well as the political centre of the Holy Roman Empire - is today's best preserved medieval town in the whole of Germany. Since 2006, Regensburg has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Nuremberg is a town with many highlights - Nuremberg's Imperial Castle as well as the subterranean Nuremberg, the Hauptmarkt (with its local weekly market), the Albrecht Duerer Museum and the famous zoo!

There is so much to discover!