The values of the Bavarian life style and art

Our company philosophy and vision " Oberpfälzer LebensART " with our company goals and principles is the basis of our actions and our orientation and decision-making framework for our employees and the management.



- now in the 5th generation

The symbiosis of yesterday, today and tomorrow is our goal. It is precisely from the fields of tension that arise from this that an unmistakable, strong "we-consciousness" of all those involved is created.

- to the guest and customers

This the basis for us to win the guest in the long run. We want to convince our guests with our honest factual and service performance and let them become friends of the house with our friendliness and courtesy.

- has many meanings for us

Natural and untreated raw materials, processed with a minimum of auxiliary materials and additives, is one requirement. Animal- and environmentally friendly products are a premise for us. A natural environment, natural building and furnishing materials are a matter of course for us. All rooms are "livings spaces". Natural, open and honest contact with the guest and with each other is a matter of concern for us.

- is not a catchword for us, but a task.

Starting with the best raw materials, if at all possible from our home in the Oberpfalz, through the highest quality requirements for the recipe, the technology and the products produced, to the high quality of service and trust. Everything with high standards, laid down in writing and permanently checked for compliance - internally and externally. And the most important authority here again is our guest and customer through his constructive criticism. Customer satisfaction talks, regular customer surveys and evaluation cards provide us with a permanent dialogue. The guest is the benchmark for quality. Complaints are our chance for improvement!

- we prove that daily

Towards our environment, because tomorrow it will still be our living space. Towards our guests and customers, with healthy products in a healthy environment and a sincere attitude. Towards our employees and our society.

Our internal shortcut for THE values of the Oberpfalz way of life.