The values of the Bavarian life style and art

Our philosophy and vision "Oberpfälzer LebensART" with our buisness goals and principles are the foundation of our actions and our frame for all the decisionmaking taking place



Our guiding principles

We are being directly supplied by nearby producers or our in-house butchery. We follow ecological beliefs rather than „flat-rate“ objectives.

You will quickly realize, taste and experience what's important to us: enjoy the experience for the senses by tasting our special and comprehensive breakfast buffet as well as the unique and fresh sausages and delicacies from our in-house butchery.

We are a traditional hotel and not a „bulk supplier“. We know our country and our very special Bavarian region with its people – who know us! This generates the perfect condition for good quality of food, products and services and responsibility for our actions. This is especially important in regards to  our relationship with our fellow human beings. We want to look our neighbours into the eyes with a good conscience. We meet them daily! The effects of anonymity in society are sad and dire – of which we have, unfortunately, daily proof. This is why we want to be different and – thus – familiar to the people we are working with!

We are producing products from our region for our region. This has always been the case. Due to the increasing environmental problems we are facing these times, this guiding principle has gained even more importance.  Our new quality target is called „Bavarian life style and art“. This is the goal we are concentrating on in regards to our products and services. Uncompromising duty of care in our hotels is a very important value for us.

The new responsibility towards our environment makes us strive for partnerships with likeminded people. We want to know where our products come from, thus we exactly know their origin - starting with the seeds up until the food is served in our restaurant. We are trying to constantly monitor the purity and quality of our products starting with the grower and ending with the cook. The order of the day is: healthy cuisine made of high quality products as well as a conscious Bavarian life style.