Suites house

Travel exclusivly, dine exclusivly, your conference - exclusivly

Discover your Hirschen!

Sometimes, during hectic times, you might want to retreat away from the stresses of everyday life. It should satisfy MY demand. A classic hotel is out of the question – but the comfort it should offer. Inviting, inspiring, stylish, cozy, relaxing - simply good-natured.
Welcome to the Suite house - MY Hirschen

Drink tea in the comfortable lounge - a glass of wine by the fireplace - discover a good book - enjoy the garden - in the culinarium with large dining room and open kitchen meet nice people. DO what I want. Not necessary but I will.

Four suites and one double room - all with balcony - offer a private atmosphere. Private garden, Culinarium, Parsberg water from the fountain, coffee and tea bar, living room with fireplace and small library.

There is no reception, but attentive hosts who are there for you if you wish.

Discover your Hirschen!

Exclusive celebrations - TOGETHER again - a house that belongs entirely to you!

The family together again. The parents, the children, the great-grandchildren. Three generations in a house.

Good friends - far too rarely together. Mostly on the way or scattered - you lose sight of yourself. Time to meet, celebrate time - live together, experience, be active.

Whether family or friend meetings, at the Suite house you will find a special setting to be at home. And that with hotel comfort.

Come back together - the Culinarium with dining room and open kitchen as a meeting place - the living worlds as a retreat. All under one roof. The garden, the living room with stove and small library - your house - your possibilities.

Cook for yourself, let cook - the main thing together. Experience together, enjoy together - just have a good time. The WE decide.

Four suites and one double room - all with balcony - offer a private atmosphere.

Live your Hirschen!

Rent your hotel - exclusive days - a home for US

Some ideas and decisions need a special framework. Promoting a place of creativity that exudes confidence, offers a good atmosphere.

The Suite house is not a hotel in that sense. Modern and sophisticated, it offers a special setting for small groups to work and live. There are no foreign guests or standardized conference rooms.

There is living space here.

The living room with fireplace is a retreat. The Culinarium workroom and meeting place. In the evening it changes to the dining room and you can look over the chef's shoulder. Who wants to help? Together we eat at the big table.

The garden invites you to linger and take a deep breath.

At the Suite house you can work in peace and feel like home.

Create a special working environment away from everyday routine.

Experience your Hirschen

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