Main house

Your temporary home with comfortable, modern and cosy hotel rooms.

Your temporary home with comfortable, modern and cosy hotel rooms.

At the Romantik Hotel Hirschen you will find the perfect and most pleasant combination of typical Bavarian traditions and modern spirit. Each room has its own style and ambiance and is furnished with abstract natural scenery paintings in oil showing the beauty of our landscape.

The hotel is located in the centre of the charming small town of Parsberg and situated directly beneath the town's castle. During the past decades, our hotel has become one of the most popular and prestigious places in the area, due to its culinary quality as well as its most convincing and enriching combination of Bavarian tradition and creative modern spirit.

The restaurants: Wirtsstuben and Hirschkönig

The  rich and most diverse cuisine is very tasty, fresh and „honest“ in terms of the products' origin and processing. The Romantik Hotel Hirschen have originated from the house-own butchery, the hotel owners' brewery, agriculture, forestry and honey farm as well as the guesthouse itself.  This long tradition has preserved itself and is reflected in the taste of our meals.

Saunaarea in the traditional building

The saunaarea offers a conceptual health circuit with sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, kneippism area (contrast bath), oxygen spring water, tea bar and relaxation area.

Conferences and seminars in Bavaria – between Nuremberg and Regensburg

We offer a specially designed floor for conferences with associated rooms. You can expect a mix of living room atmosphere and professional quality of the technical devices and furniture as well as top service in our convention areas.

Our region – the Upper Palatinate and its Jura valleys...

Just in front the gates of Nuremberg and Regensburg and between two charming seascapes – the seascape of the Upper Palatinate and Franconia – you will find the beautiful and romantic Jura valleys of the Upper Palatinate. The Jura valleys are characterized by their smooth rolling hills with their weirdly shaped rocky reefs and marvelous stream valleys. A few scenic rivers – the white and the black Laber as well as the Sulz and the Altmuehl – are meandering through the idyllic landscape. You will find a rural harmony here, that has become rare during the past decades. Come and explore the romantik Jura valleys.

...inside the Bavarian Jura region

The Jura valleys form part of the so-called Bavarian Jura region. Here – in the heart of Bavaria – a „holey“ landscape has been created throughout the centuries due to the constant karstification in this area. A world-famous and very characteristic example for this kind of landscape is the „Donaudurchbruch“ (Danube Gorge) near Weltenburg as well as the nearby mysterious stalactite caves such as the King-Otto-Cave near Velburg as well as the so-called „Schulerloch“ near Essing and the Oster-Cave near Neukirchen.
You can learn a lot more about the Jura's geology by exploring the hiking trail with focus on speleology in Muehlbach-Dietfurt and the adventure path „Juralandschaft“ (Jura landscape) near Ihrlerstein-Kehlheim.

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