The cornerstone-laying of the hotel "Zum Hirschen" took place in 1883. In that year Josef Ferstl (I) acquired the - at that time so-called - "house no. 78 - residential house including a stable and barn, fountain, farmyard, as well as a little garden, a tavern, the right to work as a butcher and a share in the corporate brewery of Parsberg". He and his son Josef (II) established the Hirschen farmyard in the typical manner of that time and for this region and worked as farmers, landlords, butchers and brewers. After the turmoils of war, our senior principal, Lorenz Ferstl (I) took over the then called "Erbhof zum Hirschen" from his father Josef Ferstl (II). Lorenz Ferstl managed the hotel with great entrepreneurial skills for about 40 years (until 1985) and - together with his wife Elfriede (our current senior principal) - was successful in transforming the hotel into one of the most important and leading guesthouses with its own in-house butchery of the region.


Andrea and Lorenz Ferstl (II) took over the hotel with the intention to modernize and develop it to a new standard with inter-regional importance, whilst - at the same time - conserving the traditional value and character of the guesthouse. After the end of the conceptual planning phase, the realization and major renovation began. The hotel, as we know it today, was created and built. Andrea and Lorenz Ferstl (II) had the following goals: finding an identity between tradition and modern spirit as well as expressing this identity clearly and creating a vivid matter of debate. Another goal was to embody the hotel's corporate identity by focussing on the „we-consciousness“ of the team. Furthermore, the couple intended to keep to the hotel's multi-functionality and – at the same time – to improve each and every single branch of the hotel and to strive for inter-regional standards and importance.


In 1998, the new „Hirschenhof“ was inaugurated and came up with the new pavilion for seminars as well as the learning and playing garden. The Upper Palatinate region in the northeast of Bavaria has always been a rather poor area and experienced its first economic success long after other Bavarian areas did so. The ancient hotel building is a very important and distinctive construction, as it has got a typical and regional perforated facade and has been renovated many times before. The hotel owning family Ferstl, however, always stuck to senior Josef Ferstl's slogan: „Our guests won't be that much interested in the guesthouse's facade but will rather remember our smooth beer and delicious roast pork with dumplings!“


the family Hausen. The Ferstls could rely on old well-maintained relationships within the family. The fact is that Elfriede Ferstl, born Lehner from Prunn, mother and mother in law of Lorenz and Andrea Ferstl, grew up in her youth with Gabrielle Maier, the grandmother of Johannes Hausen in "sisterly" commonality in Riedenburg. Yes, both are also born one day apart in the same year 1927 - the one on the 3rd of January, the other on the 4th of January - almost twin sisters.
After 30 years of Andrea and Lorenz Ferstl, who took over the Romantik Hotel Hirschen in 1985 from Elfriede and Lorenz Ferstl Senior, another legacy has arrived. The family network can be made new immediately.

A statement from Carola and Johannes Hausen: We have an almost childlike family joy to succeed Andrea and Lorenz Ferstl. We seek success in their interest, which is understood by us as an invitation to develop the tradition in a contemporary way. Since the first "yes", we have set ourselves the task, which is noticeably passing on to us from day to day. That was in 2012. Since then, the Ferstl and Hausen families are working to make the good transition to full responsibility.