First bavarian Weisswurst Academy

Bavarian white sausage culture - at the highest level!

If it is cut or tied up, really eaten before noon and what is actually allowed to go into it - there are many questions and myths surrounding the Weißwurst, and we have put together this experience package for friends of high-quality ingredients and natural cuisine.

After a short lecture by our senior chef and master butcher, Mr. Lorenz Ferstl, you fill the veal sausage meat into the casings yourself and "cook" it on an old wood-burning oven. In between there is a lot of interesting information about the production, the raw materials, the culture of Weißwurst, customs and traditions.

Quote: "Freshness and care are the deciding factors between good and bad Weißwurst. And what a sausage doesn't need, won't get in at our place!" While you listen to the wisdom of Mr. Ferstl, you may of course eat your home-made object of desire, with sweet mustard, pretzels and regional wheat beer. At the end you will receive your Weißwurst diploma, not only for successful sausage making, but also for the successful realization of a piece of the Oberpfälzer LebensArt.

The art of archery

The target in sight!

Put the arrow on the bow. Draw the bow. Take a deep look at your target and take a deep breath – relax - and fire. Learn – with a lot of fun, professional bows and active support from your trainer – how to use bow and arrow. You will feel taken back to the 15th century, the era of Robin Hood, the legendary great outlaw hero and become a hero yourself! If you wish we can organize a tournament with a variety of challenges to stand up to.

Raft building

If we all work together, no one will drown!

You'll find barrels, bars, boards and ropes at the banks of the river. Now it's up to you to to find – and realize - a suitable tactic for a raft that can swim!
In order to build a fully functional raft, it needs more than just boards and ropes. The raft builders will have to contribute their team spirit, coordination and cohesion abilities.
One last knot and then it's getting serious: the self-made raft will be put at sea – the team on top of it. Is it stable enough or will the team fall into the water? After its „maiden voyage“ you can organize a race and – after all the hard work – you can finally have a lot of fun on the water!

Canoeing plus

An exciting canoe trip!

Hop onto the canoe and vibrantly „conquer“ the river with your paddles! Variety and fun guaranteed! Experience an exciting adventure tour through the idyllic valley of the river „Regen“. You will find untouched nature and you can watch the local wildlife from a completely different perspective.
Only shortly after the start of the trip you will have to manage a few smaller rapids that will start your canoe moving. You will then have a break on the banks of the river „Schwarzer Regen“ and you will join an introductory course for archery! If you wish we can organize a tournament with a variety of challenges to stand up to.
After the archery event you will continue your canoe trip through the many rocks of so-called „Urleiten“. The culmination will be the canoe-slide at the end of the trip!

Construction of a marble run

Get the ball rolling - together!

You'll find the perfect location with a great variety of material in stock for you. The team is highly motivated! Start the construction of your unique marble run and have fun! However, no one can find the instruction manual...
So, it's up to the group's creativity to construct the marble run by drawing a plan, setting up a workshop and by allocating the duties according to the participants' talents. In doing so, the work steps will have to be coordinated precisely and very accurately.
The marble run constructors will need to saw, to glue and to hammer and – primarily – to laugh and have fun.
The goal is clear „constructing a fully functional, unique and inventive marble run!
This can only be achieved by one team – YOUR team!

Segway Biathlon

Biathlon on 2 wheels!

You've successfully managed your first stretch of road with your Segway. Now control your breath and aim your rifle at the five targets. Biathlon live!
Our future athletes can look forward to a shooting training in order to be perfectly prepared for your tasks. The highlight will be that you will contest this biathlon with the help of a Segway and will need to use your driving talent on the showjumping course.
Now, the competition is about to start. Just before the starting pistol is fired, you will notice the thrill! The participants now feel like real biathlon stars and start the competition in relay teams. That means that they will have enough time to relax and to cheering each other during the breaks.

Team Olympics

Colleagues become a team!

The team olympics are all about games and tasks with a confidence-enhancing and team building effect on your group.  Depending on the size of the group, smaller groups will be formed and these will be accompanied by a coach.
The groups will have a lot of fun by trying to become the winner of the different challenges.
The following games and exercises might be part of the challenging program:
flying blindly, spider's web, trust fall, turning the tide, Magic Bamboo, stake, team skiing, Big A, dangerous goods' transport, and many more!

Vehicle construction

Get going – together!

The new vehicle is going into production: faster, more efficient and dynamic than ever before!

Equipped with suitable material and in accordance with the technical requirements, the new vehicle is going into production. You will construct the structurally identical prototypes in different production plants using a complex construction method.

Obviously, the production plants are physically separated, so that the different project teams can not access the the other teams' laboratories. It's only the works directors who are allowed to meet at a neutral place in order to discuss the measures and the building control requirements.

This task requires excellent communication skills in order for the different production teams to finally deliver identical and „really good“ cars! You can be curious on the cars' originality, speediness and resistance to breakdowns during the safety inspection!