Creative conference

With these chairs even long meeting appointments are no longer a problem. Comfortable and with wide armrests in a simple but elegant design.

Wether for coaches or for the participants. Good work requires a good job. Large modern, 80 cm deep tables with perfect conditions provide the optimal working environment for all concerned.

In the confernece rooms Oberpfalz, Eggenthal, Pfaffenleite and Wieselbruck you can expect our BenQ laser data projector exclusively. With brilliant clarity, true-do-detail color reproduction and a low level of noise, so your presentation stands out.

Benq Laserbeamer at the Romantik Hotel Hirschen

Large windows in all conference rooms let the sun and its energy enter the room. This keeps the participants energetic and motivated.

To get some fresh air, to have a conversation outside, to enjoy a cup of coffee, to go outside with the group, to retreat, to let your eyes wander in to the green... For whatever you want to use our garden, it is always nearby.


Work with the highest quality equipment from Neuland, sustainable and made in germany.

With the Barco Clickshare system, you can connect any device in seconds with our beamers whether Windows PC, Mac or Linux system. Do you have important details on your smartphone? Everything is projected onto the wall with just a few clicks. Show multiple devices simultaneously to make comparisons? No problem!

Coffee from the fully automatic machine. Freshly squeezed juice. Oven-fresh pretzels, tea, fuits, homemade cakes and much more... We take care of you.

To recover consciously ...

Pull a few laps in the indoorpool, process the new impressions in the relaxation room, let the stress of the day in the sauna. If you work hard you deserve a break!

Eating delicious in the restaurants of the main house! You have the choice:
In the "Wirtsstuben" from the Bavarian Vesper to the 3-course menu or in the wine and gourmetrestaurant
"Hirschkönig" a 7-course menu, test the culinary craftsmanship. The "Hirschkönig" is the place where casualness and gourmet have come together.

The Hirschen event - "do it yourself" - Cooking as a teambuilding activity with a fun factor. A "training" of a special kind in the context of project management and team finding. As a get-togehter event to promote creativity, social skills and team spirit.